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Hawaii Five-0

Just watched episode 2.16 and had some thoughts.

Going behind cut

Firstly, I'm getting tired of this faux crisis starts with Lori and McGarrett. Can't they tell a story without starting two days later and mislead about the stakes? Sloppy

Secondly -- what a waste of Lori and the potential conflict between her divided loyalties. It could have been well done with scenes each episode of her reporting back (wonder how she explained their sojourn to North Korea) and giving fewer and fewer details each call. Instead besides a couple of references it was completely ignored until she had to resign. WHY BOTHER?

But at least we'll be getting back to the core group now. *fingers crossed*

Those be my thoughts.


Yeah, I'm with you. I never loved Lori, but it was definitely wasted potential. It was clear they didn't know how to fully utilize her potential, and that they didn't know what to do with her. I'm not sorry she's leaving, but I do feel it's a waste of what could have been an interesting character and storyline.
Yup - if that was the pay off, why bother? There was enough tension with bringing the team back together and Kono might have gotten some dialogue! *sigh* Hate saying adding more women is a problem but know WHY you're doing it.