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Scotch snowdrifted

Drabble -- wow an actual drabble

Written for kallysten

He wandered the streets, hearing catches of songs from the old country sung with accents from the new. Mild weather allowed bars to fling their windows open to ease the overflow of overdrinking patrons. Patios were packed with green garb sprinkled with obnoxious green top or derby hats.

They were not his prey.

The revelers shambled from establishment to establishment as he prowled amongst them checking the alleys and shaded spots for couples together for more than a kiss.

The celebrations mocked, not honoured, his native land, but as he staked yet another drunken vamp Angel couldn't help missing home.

Hmm it's been a while since I drabbled. Might start doing it more
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Oh, loved this! Homesick and hunting Angel. Mm.
Ohh thank you! I've been out of the drabble game too long.
Very nice commemoration of St. Paddy's day from Angel's POV.
After reading so many "You're doing St Paddy's day wrong" articles, this cropped up! Thanks for reading and commenting.
Mmmm made me enjoy Angel, this means it's quality :)
*blush* Thank you!
Nicely done - right up until the end, we are not sure if this is Angel or Angelus, whether the couples he is hunting are engaged in sex, or feeding.
Thank you so much -- I do love your comments!
*g* Well, I do love your fic, so we're squits (trans: we're even *g*)
Yay! a Sunny drabble. I love the thought of Angel hunting on St. Patrick's day.
so glad you enjoyed!
Oh, how cute. Imagine the indignity of the warping of an Irish saint.