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I fic'd again

Title: Better than Studying
Author: sunnyd_lite
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry, Ron, Fred & George
Prompt: 303 silent promise
A/N: for lunabee34 Hope it brings a smile.

"We have to tell him."

"Oh no we don't."

Harry had spent the last five minutes listening to a repetitive argument outside of his room. Despite being only two lines long it was proving much more interesting than the History of Herbology 1203 to 1507: the Elm Rust Years.

It's not like he couldn't recognize those voices. And if they'd had interesting lines he might have kept quiet, but after the 32nd "Oh no we don't" he gave up.

"Fred, George what aren’t you going to tell me?"

"It's Ged and Froge today," said George, or was it Fred?

Harry shook his head. They must be tired if they were resorting to that old line. "Whichever, whatever tell me or go away." Not that he didn't want to be distracted from tales of rusty trees but if you didn't put limits on the twins, well things happened around them.

One of them leaned against the door frame, while the other slinked into the room Harry shared with his year mates. "We were thinking.."

"Mom always said that was a dangerous start," proclaimed Ron as he squeezed his way between his brothers. "Why are you lot bothering Harry?"

Dismissing their younger sib with a synchronized eye-roll, the other continued, "they've started talking careers with us." This lead to a synchronized shudder from the two of them. "And we thought that to truly follow our interests we might.."

"Clearly someone must be updating the Bott's Beans--"

"You know just to hit on every flavour--"

"So we thought that someone should be us." This was followed by un-synchronized nodding, making them look clockwork dolls.

"Eating beans as a job?" Ron suddenly sat up straight. "Can we do that?"

"Not just eating beans, you git. Designing new flavours."

Harry had been twisting his head like he was at a tennis match. "That makes sense," he said slowly. "But why did you want to talk to me?"

"Not talk, per se."

"That's per se not Percy. We're definitely not talking 'bout this to Percy." Another joint shudder.

"Look, you know you're Hogwarts favourite comedy duo, but I've a test tomorrow I haven't revised for. Please for the love of a passing grade, GET ON WITH IT."

"You're channelling Hermione there. Are you okay there?" Ron looked really worried, and raised his hand as if to check Harry temperature.

A look passed between the twins. "Maybe it's not the best time, ya?" "We can come back." "Not that important." They began to edge towards the door.

"For the..." Harry picked up his wand to slam to door shut, but stopped. "Wait, designing beans?"

Both of the twins' faces burst open like sunflowers. "Yay – we've got these flavour ideas, and since it's still all new to you we thought you'd be the perfect focus group."

"And you were going to leave me out?" Ron started to rant. "What fine brothers you…wait belly lint
wasn't one of your planned flavours was it?"

"Quick write that down!" said Fred to George. Or George to Fred. "It's even better than our burnt potion idea!"

"But not as good as our pruned peach!"

"Or our limburger."



"Candy is supposed to taste good. I know this. What I don't know is what's going to be on this test tomorrow, so shoo!"

"Oh that's easy."

"Easy?" He'd been about to beat his head against the book in hopes that the knowledge stuck, and they were calling it easy? A look towards Ron conveyed his agreement to a silent promise to harm his brothers.

"She's a sucker for dryads, despite them not quite falling in course parameters. So study the dryad/wizard conferences."

A small smile began to tug on Harry's lips.

"But first we need you to try.."


They weren't like Dudley, since Harry really didn't mind being bothered by Ron's brothers. Like Hogwarts and riding a broom in Quidditch, it felt right. It felt like family.


Hee! This was adorable. For some reason, "the Elm Rust Years" just made me giggle.
I like to share the giggles! Glad you enjoyed.
Hee feels like family :)
Thanks for reading n commenting (those twins are fun to play with)
This is just perfect, sweetie. Thank you so much. *hugs so hard*

I love the dialogue here. Lordy, it's nice to giggle.
Giggles are IMPORTANT! Glad this provided
It's really strange how you write fic in a fandom just when I've finished rewatching that fandom.

This is adorable, very on character, and with a painful little reminder at the end of how much Harry misses out on.

Love it.
"very on character" *Blushes* thanks for letting me know I got the voices right (well they matched the ones in my head but...)

Thanks for reading & commenting on this excursion into another fandom.
Nice having a HP fix :)

Glad you liked! Thanks for commenting.