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Um Hi? Is anyone still out there?

How’d it get to be AUGUST already? And how did I not update since the last “A” month of April?
So State of the Sunny TL;DR summary: Living life to its geekiest!

Part time job (income yay!) with days assigned monthly and in random amounts *shrug*

Writing more reviews and articles for blogs (including covering Warehouse 13 for www.theTelevixen.ca)

Helped co-ordinate a "May the 4th be with You" charity event for Sick Kids Hospital – fun was had and funds were raised!

Attended Free Comic Book Day (May 5th) with a bunch of geek girls! It was also the Toronto Comic Art Festival that day, so we swung by and saw some more independent creators (including a friend of mine, and a few web comic artists.)

I now have friends in three different bands; I’m seeing a lot more live music (this is good)

I have a few friends involved in comedy in my city; I’m seeing more comedy shows too (improve, sketch and standup)

I know a lot of published authors. The corollary to this statement is that I’m going to book launches too!

I’m still on the Toronto committee for Can’t Stop the Serenity – we had a fabulous event this year on Joss’ birthday!

My mom’s joined a 'for fun' choir and they preformed at an outdoor festival. I didn’t know my mom could sing!

I’ve seen the nerd films of the summer – The Avengers, Prometheus, Spider-Man & The Dark Knight Rises, as well as several smaller ones that I’ve reviewed and/or won tickets too (yay twitter contests)

I volunteered at (and attended 12 plays during) the Toronto Fringe Festival.

I moderated 3 panels and volunteered in the Hospitality suite at our local big Convention where I met Eureka’s Neil Grayston (picture to come) and got Wil Wheaton’s autograph while discussing his Youtube show Tabletop!

So that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet on LJ. I’ll try to do better.


Geek power FTW!
Geeky things add so much to my world!
I am so glad your life has been full of such joyful geekery!
I'm so lucky to live in a large city which indulges me in so much fun!
Howdy married man!
Not surprised you haven't had time for LJ, so much. Sounds like a lot of fun.
*waves hi* Thanks so much for the birthday greeting, it also reminded me how long since I'd posted. So this update is partially inspired by you!
Wow, you have been busy in the geekiest ways! Awesome! Glad to see you posting! *giant hugs*
I've been such a lurker, thought it was time to participate! And yup, my geeking is up to 11 now (I so <3 Toronto for its geeky ways)

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Wow busy much. Glad you could post.

This from the man who helps run EVERYTHING *grin*