Birthday Greetings

A quick shout out to janedavitt whose gorgeous stories and then encouragement of my own writing helped make SPANDER a place that felt like home. I've so enjoyed following your publishing adventures and wish you an amazing year (I'll even protect you from all the single malts!) 

By Golly it's a post!

So a not so resolution is to chat here more often - and more often than annually shouldn't be THAT much of a challenge.

This last week Toronto was hit with bitter cold, so my brain wanted outside entertainment. I saw a couple of movies, a couple of festival plays, went to a comic signing, and heard a NerdCore rapper rap about Kafka's Metamorphosis. Plus Agent Carter (insert all the squee here)

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So that's a bit about what I've been up to. At some point I will have to tackle the laundry beast, but not today!
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Still Here - 12 years 10 days

Even though I was running fairly silent for the last few years. I just checked when I first signed onto LJ and it was December 23rd, 2003. You guys have been here for my whole fannish journey! Thanks for that.

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So, that's a bit of an update, I hope not to go nearly so long without posting. I do pop by regularly to read things, and as some of you know, still make a comment or two.

Happy 2015, I hope to see more of all of you!


And who should I see outside of the SPACE (TV) Station buidling...

But Mark Askwith (Canadian geek extrordinaire). Mark knows me so I wander over. He's speaking to a taller fellow in a blue fleece whose back is to me.

Then I see who it is EUREKA's COLIN FERGUSON! I did not squee (at least on the outside!) We chatted for a few minutes about conventions and marketing shows and things Colin would like to do and Space channels budget (and yes Jane, I did remind him of the autograph he did for you some years ago!)

I love my city. I love my Space Channel. Happy Friday the 13th all!