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May. 7th, 2016


Birthday Greetings

A quick shout out to janedavitt whose gorgeous stories and then encouragement of my own writing helped make SPANDER a place that felt like home. I've so enjoyed following your publishing adventures and wish you an amazing year (I'll even protect you from all the single malts!) 

Jan. 11th, 2015


By Golly it's a post!

So a not so resolution is to chat here more often - and more often than annually shouldn't be THAT much of a challenge.

This last week Toronto was hit with bitter cold, so my brain wanted outside entertainment. I saw a couple of movies, a couple of festival plays, went to a comic signing, and heard a NerdCore rapper rap about Kafka's Metamorphosis. Plus Agent Carter (insert all the squee here)

Big Hero 6/Gone GirlCollapse )

What is NERDCORE?Collapse )

Plays!Collapse )

So that's a bit about what I've been up to. At some point I will have to tackle the laundry beast, but not today!

Jan. 3rd, 2015

xandergrin by fanbot

Still Here - 12 years 10 days

Even though I was running fairly silent for the last few years. I just checked when I first signed onto LJ and it was December 23rd, 2003. You guys have been here for my whole fannish journey! Thanks for that.

Some of the newsCollapse )

So, that's a bit of an update, I hope not to go nearly so long without posting. I do pop by regularly to read things, and as some of you know, still make a comment or two.

Happy 2015, I hope to see more of all of you!


Mar. 9th, 2013


Another Chapter of "Stormed Tossed Treasures"

Title: Storm Tossed Treasures 2/?
Fandom: Original
Relationship: Memories of m/m
Author: SunnyD_lite
Prompt: Non-Sequiturs
Word Count: 993
That chased her clouds away. If only everything was fixed so easily.Collapse )

Mar. 3rd, 2013


(no subject)

Title: Storm Tossed Treasures 1/?
Fandom: Original
Relationship: Memories of m/m
Author: SunnyD_lite
Prompt: Avulsion
WordCount: 675
A/N: It's harlequin-esque. Sorry about that.
He'd remembered just enough of his high school English classes to laugh at the pathetic fallacy of it all.Collapse )

Feb. 24th, 2013


Another AtS Fic - "Lazy Days"

Title: Lazy Days
Fandom: Angel the Series (Early Season 2ish)
Prompt: Murder
Word Count:1,125
Warnings: Unbetad?
Rating: G
Characters: Angel, Cordelia, Gunn, Wesley
Summary: Some enemies you can fight, sometime the enemy is just boredom.

I think we've got a caseCollapse )

Feb. 14th, 2013


An AtS Ficlet!

Title: Special Class
Prompt: Incorporeal
Setting: Angel the Series
A/N: Set in an alternate timeline where Lindsey wasn’t pulling the strings in AtS 5x08“Destiny”.

And where do you think you're going?Collapse )

Aug. 1st, 2012

xandergrin by fanbot

Um Hi? Is anyone still out there?

How’d it get to be AUGUST already? And how did I not update since the last “A” month of April?
So State of the Sunny TL;DR summary: Living life to its geekiest!

The longer partCollapse )

So that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet on LJ. I’ll try to do better.

May. 9th, 2012


I fic'd again

Title: Better than Studying
Author: sunnyd_lite
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry, Ron, Fred & George
Prompt: 303 silent promise
A/N: for lunabee34 Hope it brings a smile.

Much more interesting that the History of Herbology 1203 to 1507: the Elm Rust YearsCollapse )

Apr. 13th, 2012


And who should I see outside of the SPACE (TV) Station buidling...

But Mark Askwith (Canadian geek extrordinaire). Mark knows me so I wander over. He's speaking to a taller fellow in a blue fleece whose back is to me.

Then I see who it is EUREKA's COLIN FERGUSON! I did not squee (at least on the outside!) We chatted for a few minutes about conventions and marketing shows and things Colin would like to do and Space channels budget (and yes Jane, I did remind him of the autograph he did for you some years ago!)

I love my city. I love my Space Channel. Happy Friday the 13th all!

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